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                                            How to use Twitter  


         Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest news and trends while creating your own personal blog. In today’s society, people want to see what the latest gossip and trends are so they can stay in touch with the social media norms. We like to see what people are up to because of the increased world of social networking. Twitter can be used and followed by anyone who has the internet. 
       People tweet about a wide variety of stories, news, trends, and fashions that are popular in our culture. Companies and celebrities have made twitter very popular with the way they utilize it to express their open opinions. Twitter is just like a blog, so it is very easy to update at anytime during the day no matter where a person is. People tweet for various reason depending on what the topic is about and who the writer is trying to attract. Their tone can be anything and they can create any emotion while tweeting. It does not have to follow specific rules like being formal or grammar usage. 
       The messages that are written are called “Tweets” and are very similar to texting on a phone. Tweets are publicly followed; however people who send tweets can confine their messages to people on a certain list. Users are allowed to follow or subscribe to other users who they find entertaining to follow. Twitter allows users to be free and open in what they want to express
. Twitter has grown in popularity over the past few years and has to intention of slowing down with the rise of social networking. 

  Steps to follow while starting Twitter:

1.   First set up account You will want to set up an account on Twitter so you can start tweeting. Click on Join and enter the following information that is necessary to get started. Some information that is need is email address, username, and password to create and account.

2.    Adjust personal settings. This is very crucial because this will help you utlize Twitter in every way possible. The most important setting is being able to set up your Twitter account to your phone so it is easy to access. All you have to do is go to the Settings tab and from there you will follow basic steps to set up Twitter to your phone. By doing this you are able to receive and send messages from your phone. Also create a mini bio about yourself when creating your settings on your Twitter account. This feature lets the viewers get to know you and why you are Tweeting. Having this mini bio allows readers to more attracted to you by giving them a reason to follow you on Twitter.

3.   Subscribe to friendly users that you might want to follow. You can do this by going to the search bar and typing in names of people you want to follow. On my Twitter account, I follow close friends and family. Twitter also allows you to follow a wide variety of people in Twitter ranging from celebrities to famous athletes. Once you have selected who you want to subscribe to, just click the Follow button and from there you can follow them on your Twitter homepage.

4.  Now it is time to start tweeting! Once you have got the feel for the website and seen how some people tweet, it is now your turn to start tweeting. When you start to tweet, you’re only able to use 140 characters or less when writing the tweet. Because you only have 140 characters to express your opinion you must be able to limit yourself on your opinion. In your opinion, you must be direct and to the point while not getting off in a tangent. Also you must be able to use abbreviations well and use them often. By doing this, it will allow you to save space and express your opinion in greater detail.

Some Tips and Warnings: 

·          Have your Tweets appeal to most readers and be able to grab their attention

·         Use your written space wisely. You only have 140 characters to create a message so be careful in what you tweet about.

·         Take your time while writing a tweet. Just because it is a short message doesn’t mean you have to write it fast with no thinking behind it. Take you time and but some thought into the message.

·          Have a headline that that sets your Tweets apart from the other stories of the day. This attracts more followers and builds of your subscribers.

·         Learn from past tweets that you have written or you have read from other people so you can learn from making future mistakes.

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