Wedding Toasts
Briana Gilomen

At some point in your lifetime you will most likely be asked to be a Best Man or a Maid of Honor. If you accept this position you are accepting many responsibilities including toasting the Bride and Groom at the wedding reception. The responsibility of giving a wedding toast can be overwhelming and scary however this guide is designed to help you prepare a wedding toast. It includes specific steps, do’s and don’ts, and examples of wedding toasts to make sure your toast is memorable and perfect.


1. Pre- Write
* Decide what you want to achieve from your toast
* Decide how you want the toast to feel
* Determine how long your toast should be
* Think about the audience and how you want them to perceive the toast

2. Write
* Introduce yourself and relationship to the couple
* The rest of the toast gives you a lot of freedom (here is where you need to     remember your audience and what you want them to get from it)
* End with cheers and congrats to couple

3. Practice
* Practice on your own in front of the mirror
* Practice in front of people


* Speak clearly and slowly
* Practice
* Keep eye contact with audience and newlyweds
* Practice in front of mirror and in front of people
* Keep short and sweet
* Write it well in advance so you have time to edit and think about it
* Limit stories to something majority of audience can relate to
* Thank those you contributed to the wedding
* Relax and breathe
* Add your personality


* Make it too long
* Drink too much alcohol
* Share inside jokes that the whole audience will not understand
* Get too raunchy
* Steal the spotlight
* Try to be funny if you are not naturally funny
* Use words you cannot pronounce
* Use note cards when giving toast at reception


Best Man Toast #1

When Tom asked me to be his best man, at first I was over the moon, firstly that he was going to marry the woman that he loves, and secondly that he had asked me to be his best man. Then a few pints later, it dawned on me. The speech. Choking on my beer at the realization that I would have to stand up and talk in front of his family and closest friends, I started shaking and told him that I didn't think that I could do it. Then he reassured me, he said, "all you have got to do is stand up, look a little idiotic, tell a few jokes and be confident." Taking this on board, here I am.


Firstly a few thank-yous I have been asked to make. Firstly, to all who have helped in the service, and this lovely party. Whether you have brought food, or helped decorate this place, or just come to support the happy couple, thank you. Secondly to the bridesmaids, you have done a magnificent job helping the bride today, and you all look amazing, so a big thanks to you too. Finally Tom would like me to thank his beautiful new wife for turning up today. I saw him this morning when he was worrying, and it wasn't a pretty sight. He has asked me to tell you how happy you have made him by becoming his wife, something that I am sure he will go into in more detail in his speech, but still, thank you.


Now, I have known Tom for X amount of years now. I know all his little habits and how annoying he can become after a few pints, just a little warning to you all there! But Tom has helped me through some hard times over the duration of our friendship. He has always been there and supported me, something that I am sure he will do for his beautiful new wife, Susan.


I have been asked to keep the story about Tom clean, and to try not to embarrass him too much. But there have been numerous times I have laughed until I cried at Tom. As some of you will know, he is always up for a laugh, and loves to live life to the max.


I remember when we were-( insert a funny event that really has happened to you and the groom).


Before Tom met Susan, he found it hard to talk to women. He could chat them up great, but when it came to more normal conversation, he found it harder. Until he met Susan that was. Susan has changed his life for the better. He has been happier, more energetic, easier to talk to and more responsible in the way he acts. These are just a few of the many ways Susan has had a positive effect on Tom. I am sure he knows many more that we don't know about!


Somebody once told me that Love can easily be affected by physical appearance.


I am sure that when Susan first saw Tom, there were no confusions. Tom told me that before Susan he didn't believe in love at first sight, but after meeting his now wife, that has all changed.


Finally, I would like to say another thank-you to everybody for coming and joining the newly married couple in their celebrations. And I am sure you will all agree they make a fantastic couple.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please all join me in a toast.


To the happy couple, long may their love last! Cheers!

Best Man Toast #2
 Everyone - please raise your glasses and join me in toasting Joanna and Kevin. As I begin this wedding speech one of the first thoughts that come to mind is... if I'm the best man... than why is Joanna getting married to Kevin? (Pause when people laugh) I guess because today, I am just an average man and Kevin is the best man. (pause) In my extensive research to find out how to deliver a great best man speech, I learned that I am expected to sing the praises of the groom and tell you what a wonderful guy Kevin is. Unfortunately, I'm a bad singer and a bad liar. (Pause when people laugh) Kevin... Joanna is a wonderful, beautiful, kind and good hearted person who deserves a great husband. Thank goodness you snapped her up before she found one. (Pause when people laugh) All kidding aside - I'm honored to be here today... I love you both and wish you many years of happy marriage. Cheers!

Best Man Toast #3
Ladies and gentlemen. It takes a strong and intelligent man to realize his dreams and achieve his goals in life and love. A man that is not afraid to live life to its fullest and embrace what is truly important. But enough about me... I'm here to talk about John and Katherine. Two people who have come together today to form a union that will surely last forever. [raise your glass and face the bride] Katherine... you look absolutely beautiful. John is lucky to have found such a wonderful gal to share his life with. John is my best friend and I'm honored that he chose me to be his best man on this most important day in your lives. I wish you both peace and happiness in your new life together and may God bless your union.

Maid of Honor Toast #1
Good Evening


For those of you who don't know me my name is Jennifer. Jamey is my sister and my Best Friend. I would like to start off by saying Congratulations to Jamey and Scott. I would also like to thank you both for asking me to be part of your special day.( not that I had much of a choice). It meant so much to me to watch my best friend marry the man of her dreams this afternoon. This day came so quickly and I hope you both take the time to enjoy each moment.


As you both know, I have been extremely nervous to say my speech So I am going to keep it short. I am going to break tradition a little bit and not say a speech about you but rather a speech to you both. That being said I am going to say a few words to each of you.


Scott, first of all, Welcome to the family (you are a brave man). Thank you for being such a great friend. I know that we have only known each other for about two years but I feel as though we have become good friends. Thank you for tolerating mine and Jamey's hour long telephone conversations every night. I am sure it becomes quite annoying after a while. You have made my sister so happy. When Jamey first met you I knew you two were destined to be together. She had such a sparkle in her eye and her faced glowed with every word she spoke of you. So Scott I ask you from the bottom of my heart- will you please take care of her and treasure each moment you have together.


Jamey where do I even begin. There are so many things I want to say and I know that there are not enough pages to fill. I have thought about what to say for quite sometime. Then I remembered something you said to me when we were leaving for college. You had wrote me a card from North Bay and told me that I was your mentor and you looked up to me. Well Jamey, I have to say the feeling is mutual. You are a beautiful person, a wonderful mother and I know you will make Scott very happy. You have taught me to open my eyes to the world and see all the opportunities ahead. You have supported me through good times and bad. We have had many fights but yet so many more hugs. So to you my dear sister Congratulations and enjoy each day of your marriage.

Be friends to each other. Share each others hopes and fill each others dreams.


Thank you

Maid of Honor Toast #2
Hello!  Good evening!  How are you!  My name is Jan and I’m a Bridesmaid in the wedding.  I stand before you honored to hold this position as Shannon’s oldest friend.  Well, when I say oldest, I don’t mean, chronological!  I mean that we’ve known each other since we were twelve years old, and we’ve seen a couple of decades pass from that time in our youth!  My friendship with Shannon has been special to me, not only because of it’s longevity, but because she was a great person to go through the trauma of our teenage years together!  Even though we see each other only sparingly now, whenever we are together again, we pick right up from where we left off, and it always seems as if we haven’t been apart at all!  I’m not sure what started our friendship, maybe it was just that I liked the melodious sounds of “Jan and Shan”, or maybe that we’ve always looked somewhat alike and have the same demeanor…I mean – we’re both petite and we’re both obnoxious!


I’ve been hearing about James for the past eight years.  From what I’ve heard, this guy is nothing short of a knight in shining armor.  What convinced me of that was their engagement story.  Have you heard it?  Well, even if you have, I have to tell it!  It seems that the two newlyweds were celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday together, and bright and early that morning, James tied the ring onto Shannon’s kitten’s collar and called the kitten over and when he jumped up on Shannon’s lap, there was the ring, all shiny and glowing, which, kind of describes how Shannon has been ever since!


I know that James is the perfect guy for Shannon.  I know that because she’s exactly the same woman she has always been (well, ok, maybe she’s a bit more romantic lately), but the proof that he loves my friend for who she is and hasn’t made any attempt to remake her is proof positive that he’s a great guy!  Now, they have a few things to iron out in the future, such as they still aren’t sure who is going to move to whose city….and he loves the outdoors and wants to start a tree service and live in Maine.  While, Shannon, on the other hand, is allergic to grass and is a big city gal!  Ah…they’ll figure it all out and I know that theirs is a marriage that will not only last for decades to come, but it will be one filled with love, laughter, and eventually, children!


I think that one of the hardest things Shannon will have in adjusting to marriage is to get up and find that her sister Marci isn’t there!  Marci and Shannon have been roommates for quite some time, and now Marci has to move out and get her own place.  More than that, Shannon once told me she didn’t know if she’d ever get married, because she didn’t know if she could share her bedroom with anyone!  Somehow, I think she’ll manage to make room in the bedroom, just as she has made room in her heart, and that within days it will seem natural to pick up the phone to call her sister who will be living away, and to roll over and hug her husband, who will be sharing not only her bedroom, but her bed as well!


Let’s raise our glasses as we toast this couple:


May you both live as long as you want,

And never want as long as you live.


May you experience decades of happiness and may you

Maid of Honor Toast #3
God smiled down on our family when he brought Brandon and Shelly together – finally!


It seems that the newlyweds first met during Orientation Week of medical school (meeting #1) , but got to know each other much better on a mission trip to Mexico (meeting #2) , where they were cooks in a camp over spring break.  After they finished their rounds as Food Czars, they acted as study buddies and officially started dating sometime in May (meeting #3).  They figure that kismet must have had a hand in their meeting, because after comparing all of their stories, they realized that they took the same Tango (meeting before #1A) class at Stanford, and undoubtedly danced with each other at that time – unbeknownst to them that they were holding the hand of their soul mate as they tangoed around the floor.


It’s amazing to watch these two together.  They seem to move in tandem.  I sometimes wondered if they would ever get this far, and I can’t help but think that Brandon must have wondered as well.  You see, Brandon went on his first vacation with our family prior to their engagement.  We included him in our annual ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah, where upwards 50 of our friends and family meet each year.  Brandon was introduced to everyone, and the asked to sit down to answer a “few” questions by those who loved Shelly.  Poor Brandon was grilled by everyone on his intentions and was asked as to whether his personality traits were comparable to the rest of the crowd.  Now, keep in mind, this was all done in jest, and whether Brandon knew it then or not, he endeared himself to us with his calm demeanor, and his unflustered answers.  He was finally deemed appropriate for my baby sis, and the rest, as they say, is history!


Because I know how special Brandon and Shelly are, my husband and I asked them to be Godparents to our one year old son, Matthew.  We chose them because of their strong Christian values, their love for one another, and we figured that with two doctors in the family, we needed to butter them up just a bit because of all the midnight calls we expect to make over the next 18 or so years!  We were honored when they acquiesced and became Matthew’s spiritual guides.


We are very happy to welcome Brandon into our family.  He has a genuine heart of gold, and he is sweet and caring.  He’s very quiet, quite shy, but has a great sense of humor!  We know he’s made for us, and we hope we’re made for him!


My sister has always meant so much to me.  She’s smart, funny, patient, kind, caring, sweet, and loving.  She has complete faith in God and she has allowed that faith to giver her direction and purpose in life


Some of you who have known my baby sister for as long as I have might have been somewhat surprised when she announced her career intentions of obtaining a M.D.  I don’t want to say that Shelly is a bit high strung, but let’s just say, she can get as wound as a violin string on occasion.  As a matter of fact, she can get so stressed, that my parents made a suggestion to her at one point that she go into something a bit more calming – like jewelry making!  Obviously, Shelly knows her limits well, and she has chosen a field of medicine she was molded for, child/adolescent psychiatry.  Hmm, it should be interesting to see how she handles her tense patients in the years to come, shouldn’t it?


As a woman who is both wife and mother, I welcome Shelly to the ranks of the land of the married with open arms.  If her marriage can emulate that of our parents, who have been married for 34 years, or mine, which is now ___ years strong, then I know she and Brandon are ready for the ride of their life.  They’ll experience love, laughter and joy together, and they’ll stand together during times of trial.


My wishes for Brandon and Shelly are that they have a continued loving friendship and partnership, that they enjoy success and laughter, and that they always see and talk with their heart.  With these wishes, I wish them the very best, on this their wedding day



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