How to Create a Magazine Advertisement 
Ryan Eby


Magazines have been one of consumers favorite genres to receive news, information, and entertainment from for a long time now. Since the beginning of the industry, magazine companies have been relying on advertising as a major source of revenue. The advertising companies rely on the magazines as well so that they can reach out to their audience and try to promote their product or service. This has been a very successful relationship for the advertisers and the magazine companies through the years and will continue for a long time to come. 

The audience for this genre includes everyone who reads the specific magazine containing the advertisement and the creators of the ad. The creators of these ads usually work for either the company selling the product or an advertisement agency hired by the company. Magazine advertisements use a variety of different methods to catch the audience’s attention and appear appealing to their prospective customers. These methods include bright colors, catchy phrases, celebrity appearances, and many other strategies. The advertisements need to be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention when they are looking through the magazine and they can’t contain too much information to make the reader not want to read it while still get the main point across to the target audience. Magazine advertisements are a unique genre because of the way they must use visually appealing methods to get their readers attention while still presenting their message to the target audience. 

Step by Step Process

  1. Decide on the subject/focus of the advertisement. Determine what you will be advertising whether it is a product, service, or something else.
  2. Research your target audience to learn more about their beliefs and interests. This will help you to decide what is the most affective way to approach the audience when pitching your message. 
  3. Design the structure of the advertisement. Make a blueprint of how you want the advertisement to look. This includes where the text will appear, font size and color, background design/color, and any other preferences.
  4. Develop an attention getting device to implement into the advertisement. This is a very crucial element to a successful advertisement in order to draw your audience’s attention to the message of your advertisement. The device can be a number of different things from celebrity appearances to positive customer testimonials. 
  5. Test your advertisement on your target audience. Have your advertisement reviewed by a test audience to determine whether it is effective or not while gathering suggestions on ways to improve on the genre. 

Tips for Building a Successful Advertisement 

  • Make the text within the advertisement short and to the point. These statements, ideas, or questions should be short enough for the audience to read quickly but contain enough information to get your point across.
  • Make you font size large and noticeable. Also place the text somewhere that will catch the readers eye.
  • Make your ad standout by adding bright colors and other visually appealing techniques to make it more alluring to your audience. 
  • Make your advertisement specific to your target audience. Focus on the ideas, beliefs, and interests of your target audience to make your advertisement more successful.
  • Make sure that the advertisement is to the point. This is tricky because to be successful your advertisement will need to include elements to attract attention while at the same time relaying your message to the target audience. This is important because most people in the audience will not spend an extended period of time reading and analyzing the advertisement. 

Examples of Effective Magazine Advertisements 

This ad is very effective because it is simple and to the point. There is a picture of a woman running with her dog, it is bright, cheerful and gives off a positive attitude. The ad also appeals to the audience by saying that running with your dog will improve their health.

The ad depicts a modern day BMW in a older generation setting. The ad consist of simply just the picture of the car and a small BMW logo in the corner. This magazine advertisement is very effective because it is simple and does a good job of highlighting the product being promoted. 

 This is an example of an ad that uses a visually appealing aspect to grab there target audiences attention. They do this by depicting several of the leagues best ever players past and present on the same court. This draws the attention toward the message that the advertisers are attempting to convey. 

Analysis of the Genre of Magazine Advertisements
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